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How To Become A Dantty Sales Agent

Sales agent accounts are authorized to make sales and advertise Dantty products for purchase and earn commission on each product sold. Every sales agent is given a Voucher CODE which identifies the agent through whom the sale was made.

How to Register

The process of becoming a sales agent is easy. Your only have to send us an EMAIL at requesting to become a Dantty sales agent.

Once your have been verified to become a Dantty Sales Agent, you will be given a Voucher CODE that you can share or add to the checkout voucher area. You will than receive commission on each order placed with your code after delivery.

Make Money While Placing Orders For Other People

You can place multiple orders for other people using your account by using your Voucher CODE while checking out of the Dantty Cart

Every order placed using your code and delivered successfully will earn you commission that you can withdraw at any time. You can also use this feature as your savings account. Dantty will allow you to withdraw you money regardless of the time.

Share Your Voucher Code and Earn Money

The Voucher CODE assigned to you can also be shared with any person in Uganda. Once they use it to place an order, you will receive your commission instantly.

How To Check you Commission

You can always click the Sales Agent button to see your commissions and what is being ordered with your voucher CODE.
Take note that this requires you to be Sign Into your Dantty Account.
Sign In

However, you will always be redirected back to this page if you are not an authorized Sales Agent.

Sales Agent Dashboard