Luc Belaire Bleu 750ml

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About this Item

Luc Belaire Bleu is a truly unique cuvée with a taste and color like no other wine. Belaire Bleu’s bottle is both striking and elegant. Remarkable sapphire blue color with aromas of fresh berries and tropical fruits. Round and fruit-forward on the palate with more fresh berry notes and a clean finish. It is effortlessly drinkable, mixable, and extraordinary both in the glass and on the palate.

From The Manufacture


For centuries, French wines have set standards to inspire winemakers around the world. No other country has France’s long history of fine wine production, which has helped define wine styles around the world.

How significant is France in the world of wine? The most popular international grape varieties, from Chardonnay to Merlot to Cabernet Sauvignon, are native to France. In many years France produces (and consumes!) more wine than any other country. Its production and export of fine wines is unmatched.

The ancient Greeks were the first to take advantage of France’s potential for wine production, as they planted vines in their colonies along the Mediterranean coastline more than 2,500 years ago. After the Romans conquered Gaul in 51 B.C., they took vines and winemaking practices north across the land. In the following centuries, Christian monasteries became centers for viticulture, and their monks made pioneering advances in both winemaking and distilling. By the Middle Ages, the English had already recognized the excellence of wines of France, and while they controlled Bordeaux they expanded the region’s existing vineyards to supply the brand-new export market.

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Champagne and the best sparkling wines share the unique quality of making any occasion special – and of making special occasions that much more magical. The pop of a cork has traditionally signaled the start of a celebration, after all.

Yet the great secret of Champagne and other sparkling wines is that they are good all the time. There’s no need to wait for New Year’s Eve to enjoy a sparkling wine, when affordable and delicious bubblies are increasingly produced in all of the world’s great winemaking regions. Dry sparklers, with their zesty, palate-cleansing acidity, are marvelous food wines. So it’s easy to incorporate fun sparkling wines into your happy hour, or a casual brunch or dinner. Sweeter sparkling wines keep the party going through dessert. The setting doesn’t have to be fancy: The Italians, who know a few things about food and wine, like to pair their sparkling Prosecco with potato chips.

Product Name Luc Belaire Bleu 750ml
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France - Decadent yet refreshing, abounding in aromas of grapefruit, peach, apricot, honeysuckle and hints of brioche. Rich and crisp with well-balanced complexity. Belaire Luxe can also be enjoyed over ice with fresh fruit.

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Luc Belaire Bleu 750ml
Luc Belaire Bleu 750ml
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Customer questions & answers

Question: What is Luc Belaire Bleu?
Answer: Luc Belaire Bleu is a premium French sparkling wine renowned for its distinctive blue color and exquisite taste. Crafted in Burgundy, France, its a unique sparkling wine that offers both visual allure and a delightful flavor profile.
Question: How would you describe the taste of Luc Belaire Bleu?
Answer: Luc Belaire Bleu has a distinct fruity profile with notes of berries. It offers a moderately sweet taste that appeals to those who prefer a slightly sweeter sparkling wine. The wine strikes a balance between sweetness and fruitiness, making it a delightful choice for various palates.
Question: Is Luc Belaire Bleu a dry or sweet wine?
Answer: Luc Belaire Bleu leans toward the sweeter side while maintaining a well-balanced taste. Its characterized by its subtle sweetness, making it an appealing choice for those who enjoy sparkling wines with a touch of sweetness.
Question: How should I serve Luc Belaire Bleu?
Answer: This sparkling wine is best served chilled. To enjoy its flavors to the fullest, refrigerate the bottle before serving. Its perfect for celebratory toasts or as a unique addition to casual gatherings.
Question: What occasions is Luc Belaire Bleu suitable for?
Answer: Luc Belaire Bleu is ideal for various occasions. Its striking appearance and delightful taste make it perfect for celebrations, gatherings, or as a gift for someone who appreciates unique and stylish beverages.
Question: Can I pair Luc Belaire Bleu with food?
Answer: Yes, while its enjoyable on its own, Luc Belaire Bleu pairs well with a range of foods. Its fruity sweetness complements appetizers, light desserts, seafood, or dishes with a touch of spice, enhancing the overall dining experience.
Question: Is the blue color natural in Luc Belaire Bleu?
Answer: The vibrant blue color of Luc Belaire Bleu is achieved through natural fruit extracts and innovative winemaking techniques. This gives the wine its unique and visually striking appearance.
Question: Where can I find Luc Belaire Bleu 750ml?
Answer: Luc Belaire Bleu is available at selected wine retailers, specialty liquor stores, and online platforms. Check with your local wine shops or authorized distributors to find this distinctive sparkling wine.

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Top reviews from customers

Reviewed on December 26 2023

Luc Belaire Bleu is an absolute showstopper! From its captivating blue hue to the delightful burst of berry flavors, this sparkling wine elevates any celebration. It's sweet, smooth, and undeniably stylish – a true crowd-pleaser


Reviewed on December 26 2023

Sipping on Luc Belaire Bleu feels like a luxurious treat. The vibrant blue color sets it apart, and the taste? Simply divine! The fruity notes with a hint of sweetness make it a perfect choice for those who appreciate elegance in every sip.


Reviewed on December 26 2023

Indulging in Luc Belaire Bleu feels like a celebration in itself. Its mesmerizing color and the enchanting blend of flavors offer a unique drinking experience. It's ideal for those seeking a touch of sophistication in their bubbly


Reviewed on December 26 2023

Luc Belaire Bleu is a visual and taste sensation! Its deep blue hue catches attention instantly, while the rich fruity taste makes every sip memorable. It's a delightful choice for those looking to add a dash of panache to any occasion


Reviewed on December 26 2023

For those who enjoy something beyond the ordinary, Luc Belaire Bleu is a gem. Its striking blue color and the harmonious mix of flavors create an exquisite drinking journey. Perfect for those who appreciate the artistry in their wine.

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Reviewed on December 26 2023

This Luc Belaire Bleu is truly exceptional! Its mesmerizing blue hue is only matched by its delightful taste. It's the perfect blend of fruity sweetness, with hints of berries that make every sip a celebration. Whether for a special occasion or a relaxed evening, this sparkling wine stands out as a conversation starter and a palate pleaser.


Reviewed on December 26 2023

I've always been intrigued by unique wines, and Luc Belaire Bleu didn't disappoint. This sparkling wine is more than just a visual treat; its taste is equally enchanting. It's a bit on the sweeter side, which suits my preferences perfectly. The beautiful bottle design makes it an ideal gift, and its smooth taste ensures it's enjoyed by all


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